How To Play 9 Ball?

How To Play 9 Ball? First you need to know the 9 Ball rules, learn how to set up a 9 ball rack, and then there’s the 9 ball break. If you want to play all billiards games, 9 ball is certainly high on the popularity list.

Many players that I know do not like 9 ball. Billiards is a cool game and there are many other games for non 9 ball enthusiasts. 8 Ball is probably the most popular of all the pool games.

How to Play 9 Ball

h How to Play 9 Ball, Free Billiards Fundamentals Course.

Have you studied the fundamentals of billiards? If not, you should definitely start there. Even if you have, a review is always helpful. Fill out the form to the right for some free billiards fundamental training.

You have to shoot the smallest ball on the table first and then pocket the balls in order. The 9 ball is the last ball on the table when all the other balls are pocketed. It is possible to win the game early, if your cue ball strikes the smallest ball on the table first and then the 9 is pocketed by the cue ball or any other ball. (The cue ball must strike the smallest ball first on all shots, unless there is a push after the break.)

You also win the game when the 9 ball is pocketed on the break. You must make a legal break shot hitting the 1 ball first for this type of win on the break to occur.

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1. Introduction

2 . Start with

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4. Breaking the Rack

5. Extract the Rack

6 . Find your rule

7. Plan your day

8. Be Smart the

9. If you do chores, finish the job

10. Sometimes you miss

11. Leave a few balls on the

12. Only go to know when you have the Out

13. You missed the Shot Break Out, Now What?

14. it explodes and safety or to play hard.

17. Keep an eye on your opponent and

18. Know what version of the rules that you play.

19. The differences in the various Rules 8 Ball.

20. Ball in hand or Rules Bar?

21. Securities, when Lay Down, When exhausted.

21. Get Safe or Get Out

22 . The Money Ball (Ball Game)

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