3-ball Pool – Learn How to Play

August 3, 2010

3-ball is one of the easiest games of pool. Therefore, the 3-Ball is often used as a practice for online amoxil = “javascript: pageTracker. _trackPageview (‘/ Outgoing / article_exit_link’);” href = “http://www. Play89 . com / index. html “pool games> like 8-Ball and 9-Ball. As the name implies the game of billiards, pool generic amoxil 3-ball is played with three balls. The goal is to pocket the three balls using the minimum number of moves possible.

3-Ball rules are less stringent than the rules of all games in the pool. In addition, the number of participants in a game of pool Generic Viagra Online Pharmacy 3-ball is not limited to two players and it is common that the game is played with about 5 participants.

The rating system is fairly simple too: each stroke counts as one point regardless of the number of balls that were pocketed (if applicable). For each fault, the player winning a penalty point further. The player with the lowest b wins.

Unlike most pool games, including the 8-Ball / a> and 9-Ball, 3-Ball player’s turn continues, even if he committed a fault. In group 3-Ball, the player’s turn at the table does not end before having pocketed three balls. discount levitra

The game of pool 3-ball ends after all participants had their turn. The player who committed the fewest strokes, and, respectively, had the lowest score is the winner of the match. Since equal scores are very common in the pool 3-Ball, the winner is usually determined after an extension.

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