Chemical Free Washing Ball

August 6, 2010


The MAGIC WASHING BALL, which consists of four main natural ceramics, contained in a round ball, was designed scientifically so that it can clean garments and clothes without any detergent.

With MAGIC WASHING BALL, it substitutes for the main functions of existing ordinary laundry powder chemical.

From the test result by a nationally authorized organization, we have achieved excellent results in cleaning power, and the powder, which are: Strength and sterilization bleaching powder.

Compared with the normal washing process, we obtained results that were both desirable and economical: detergent-conserving, water conservation, power efficiency and time savings.

It is global invention which was recorded in patent, utility model, design marks.

This detergent-free washing ball is a versatile product that functions as a natural health and wellness product, a product of environmental Order Generic Levitra Online without Prescription protection, and scientific products.

Washing principle

The powerful far infrared hydrogen MAGIC WASHING BALL water molecule in buy levitra no prescription Break into small groups, combinations and strength of the cluster of small water being activated, to increase its molecular motions, penetration force, and washing powder. Etil radiates negative ions to weaken the surface and the adhesion between the tissues so that the dirt can coe off easily without any detergent.

MAGIC WASHING BALL maintain the pH spectrum at the level that ordinary chemical detergent has, and it helps to remove dirt oil on clothing.

MAGIC WASH Remove the ball Ball eliminates chlorine compounds in water and slows the surface tension of water and increases the cleaning ability.

MAGIC LAUNDRY BALL eliminates mold, pathogenic organisms in the washing machine, and activates the water to increase the strength westernunion amoxil clavulin locations of cleaning.

It will incrrease force by the frictional force cleaning the external projection, and the pressure of the water through the external projection.


Because the Magic Washing Ball does not contain any detergent, there is no remaining chemical detergent residue in the fabric and fiber, so it does not cause problems on the skin in people who may by allergic or irritated by residues that detergents can leave clothes after washing.

It protects the oxidation and discoloration of fabric caused by chloride in the water of the city and helps maintain the elasticity of tissues.

The Magic Ball is an antibiotic, eliminates mold, pathogens and odors. If it activates water and increases the cleaning powder.

These features combined, it is not necessary to add the agent pale, fabric softener and other laundry additives.

There are no entries between the tangled laundry.

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