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Billiards ? More Than 8-ball Pool

September 20, 2010

8-Ball is the “most popular a rel =” nofollow “onclick =” javascript: _gaq. push (_trackPageview );” href = “http://www . Play89. com “> in the world. It is so popular that the pool? 8-Ball is almost synonymous with billiards. However, 8-Ball is a part of a large family of billiard...

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There?s More Than Just Eight-ball to be Played on Pool Tables

July 12, 2010

my high school years was spent on an air base in Italy, and several times after school, I find myself hanging around the community center playing pool with some of the levitra price GIs. I fancied myself a pretty good player because I am occasionally a fluke, but in hindsight, I really was not...

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