The 10 important rules of golf

October 6, 2010

10 r? the most important rules in golf You are not authorized

1? s only 14 clubs in your bag. Seems like a lot, but count them. A driver, a couple of wood, a couple of hybrid 5 irons, a sand wedge, pitching wedge and a putter. You touch? Thirteen? j? with a base configuration. What about a wood or a couple of other corners? Or m? Me of a? Chiquettes? Suddenly, 14 is not so great a number, if you try a club pr t, make sure you do not? Spend fourteen on the course. 2 Honor. Voil? who has the right to play first. Normally it is the person who wins the hole amoxil pr? C? Tooth. On the fairway is the person who is most? Moves away? Th hole. 3 moves temporary. If you play a shot that looks like the ball can be brought lost, a provisional ball can be brought jou? ? from m? me there. If your original ball is found? E, while being played, otherwise the provisional ball comes in. 4 Out of bounds. It is essential that you? Aware of your place o? off-limits are on a trajectory. Sometimes it is? Empty, sometimes not so much. If you play a ball out of bounds, then you must replay the shot from the point o? the original ball was Fair? jou? ? p? NALIT? at once. 5 Hazards. You don ‘? Your not authorized? ? grounding your club (let it touch the ground before playing the ball) if you? your in danger. If you? Your in a bunker, your club can not touch the sand up? Do you play the ball. M? Me break the club in the sand has a p? NALIT? at once. 6 ball unplayable. It is the d? Player’s decision at the time o? a ball is unplayable. Plut? Than trying to hack a ball from one levitra purchase impossible situation and end up making several shots, you can d? Declare the ball is unplayable and take a penalty drop from three Mani? Res. The initial registration is to drop the ball within two club lengths no longer walk? S hole. On the other hand, play the ball you just hit the ball and finally draw a line? from the hole of your ball and drop the ball anywhere? along the line as far as you want. 7 ali obstruction? Nation. If your ball falls by an artificial danger as a watering station or a marker, you can take a free drop if the object is emp? Loved your swing or position. 8 water hazards. There are three options if your ball ends up in a water hazard. The initial registration is? play. Not recommended?! Second? Second, play the ball from the place o? he t? touch? in water. Troisi? Second, dropping the ball club lengths throw in rear? Re on a line o? he entered the water. You may experience lateral water hazards? Eral c on t? a ballistic channel? with red posts. You can drop the ball on buy amoxil the other c t? the obstacle? are no longer available pr? s hole. 9 Marking the green. When you? Your on the green, you can lift your ball and clean it. Be sure to mark the point o? the ball came to rest. You can? Also score the ball if you? Your line of the ball to another player. If your ball is directly in line with the ball of your opponent, you can use the t? You club your putter? mark the ball away from the line of sight to your opponent. Make sure you put your ball o? liked it lay t on your brand or you will be p? nalis?. 10 The Pavilion. Once your ball is on the putting surface, he can not touch the flag. You can play the ball with the flag, but should? Be occupied? your opponent or his caddy and? be removed? before Best diet in he touches the ball. These are not all the r? Rules by all means, but it is helpful to become familiar with them? S soon as you can. Not only can you emp? Che d ‘? Be p? Nalis? S to “cheat”, moneygram but it can? Also help your game, especially if you remember the responsiveness of the unplayable ball rule.

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